Temple(s) The Temple of an ARK

The protection for the ark of life as our planet and environments, is continuing in Florida.

The temple is the garden planet environments and ecosystems, among living spaces and other locations. Each time we build for preservation of life, or preserve that which already is.

The corporate attitude to belief... is it right? Should angels really made real for the purposes men allege they work?

The angels of an ARK
How to make angels?
  • Entity is defined classic in origin, by name of angel or spirit.
  • Entity is empowered to business among men, as a corporation "entity."
  • The construction of the company defines a role of the angel, and how they work. It shows the volunteers how to work.
  • Each entitiy has a series of weapons, courtrooms, swords, a lances, etc.
  • Personality defined by traditional or new age belief. can be argued.
  • Entity serves the temple, the volunteers fill that role.
  • Separation of church and state, as required by state is empowered another way.
  • Entity is empowered to earn for the purpose they serve.
  • When group of dieties challenges another corpoation, they might or might not agree to work together.
  • The process of business or purpose is built up into each role the entity serves.
  • The methods of action are established for each, and has process to operate in the state to nation where they challenge another corporation among men.
  • vs Goliath, or vs an organization of many people, or few.
  • Personality is indicted by what the public declare of the entity or observe, and the example, the angel Michael, Tulu, Ox, Lion, Owl, or Gabriel are defined already. And that purpose is built into the entity the men work to serve in support of such title. A natural spirit might fight for the ecosystems, like a bird or other entity.
Next year I begin registering the entities to do business in Florida, and will begin constructing purpose, personality, activities and the weapons they use in court or by other process among the problem of environment and life they observe and challenge the problems of, among men or humans. I am required to separate church and state, by allegation of county and their belief, I can insert the belief among the business of men, instead.

The Arch angels

12/19/2019... Thought on how to propose might need to be better thought out and portrayed here for how this would work. (issue here is presented also as time concept... the ISIS angel of Egypt, and the ISIS of a recent war... the actions taken were dictated among men of such a group, and perhaps with some reasoning to be what the ISIS of egypt is not, or other, like damaging the name of the deity recognized among those people in our history books of america. The proposal to use corporations is being reconsidered. However the Methods for understanding an "angle description" and learning to fight from such angle as "champion of cause, that has been research or attitude or reason, is noted here with direct application among Florida business or other areas. The issue of indicating a corporation an instrument of the angels, is debatable, among activity, alleging that which inspires criminals or police is a demon or angel. However, to state that some assembly of men is influenced by that selection of observation, is not new among men. The work here, is compared to selecting from a group of deities, and learning of what they teach by what is recorded, alleging that the instrument of an alter could be a corporation as a method of logic to work done on behalf of, is understood in recent work by environmental organizations, or applying a spirit among the groups of a people perhaps giving foods or medicines, and other operations of belief among tribes just as important, reasoning by some method the work they do, or other... as some role among so many perspectives among different deities and concepts of origin of the peoples of the lands, for some a reason to be shepards of the flocks, and to fight for their defense, whether i like being bit by them or not, among animals...

October 25, 2018, was last modification to this section.

To say "I am garden planet defense," what work do i do, and where the only method to such an organization among men is like a sheriff of the old west, a volunteer with an aptitude for what they aspire, and willing to do the work; like climbing a mountain. To allege something i aspire as an individual, must first be defined or aspired among other men, and refuse deliberately those books, to find my own way... is where this began for me.

A man is born and take his place among others, and slowly they build their domain among the wildlife of so much more. Some men, aspire the books, and thus build among the knowledge of what is a larger organization among men; others might pioneer the methods or words. The importance of invention is that relation to the genius of inventor for problem solved, and perhaps among animals, in feeling of accomplishment is earned... and then some observation of how it helps the person, or if they do not normally make such discoveries, influences other men. Like telling someone of something achieved, look what i have built.

  • An arch angel is of some construction that originates from themselves. Animals, Man, Or other. Their construction is their construction.
  • This project, part of Project Fallen, begins to assemble the angels among men, and permits them to work as reality.
  • It is clearly indicated, the dieties or angels are not corporations. This method of using a "legal entity" in a nation that protects "free speech with right to individual belief" is an instrument used to design a functioning personality that is enabled to transact business with purpose that is not moral enfrocement, rather the defense or pursuit of real issue among environment, government, and business. Noted, as an ARK catholic, the EL applied to some angels names is interpretted "Environment and LIfe," for what the angels serve as our creator or among gods and heart of the sky. The actual dieties or angels, should be unaffected by this work. This functions in such a way; that if an angel were indicated, then the like of a man, biology, a machine, their is a construction that enables life and function with some ability to work and survive among environment. The use of business concept is applied here and with such example as, "I start a business, and detrmine how that business operates, then as man, i use that identified process to function among men for some purpose." So to is the angel, and born is such an instrament... After this process is complete, the corpoation will no longer be the sole of function for the entitiy created. This work is in accordance with efforts of project fallen, to construct the first functioning mechanisms of life, addition those other men who would serve the planet, belief, or other purpose with such guidance as. The consideration is an instramanet of the angel or diety only, and might take the names without such precision or reference.
  • The elluminous method considered for natural development here, is so that as an ARK Catholic (Catholcism is my family belief and it is what I was taught as a child among the completed catholic rights at good shepard church. I understood god when the ARK of life was understood alternativly, while founding the elluminous charter of this state.) I can tell a story with real action, with the method for developing an angel, diety, sprits or more. Example, the angel Gabriel is created, or Michael, and they begin to challenge an oil company, with whatever weapons they are lotted or discover for those acting as such to work, including court, and in this way... the fight is very real as a story that can be told again, and with intent of belief for creating such stories to be retold among men with real action rather than fantasy of a fight.
  • I intend to use the names angels or dieties and demons of description for classic belief of the churches of planet earth, not just the christians to have "discussions." The example, the Temple of Bel was destroyed in the middle east by isis, and in florida, Baal and the other dieties are attibuted spiderwebs as part of Quantum Bell Inc (spiderweb pattern in the ground of electromagtic origin), their temple was destroyed in the middle east... and their role is not known to date, to use or fight with spiderwebs, however are indicated as deconstructive or observational knowlege for some problem. technican.quantumbell.net teaches how to locate the pattern shapes, attributes, and where none of those dieties is indcated a spider, or as with some aspect for instrament referencing anything that is not deployed by mankind. Also, the spider is not of natural creation, the arachnid (The iraqnids were already challenged for setting fire to the oil fields and damaging the planet, and like the coal mine of virgina set ablaze underground, we know not the damage done causing heat.) The Angels are then reprsented as groups of men adhering one principle or another, or demons, or the nuetral among, an instramanet of.
  • Eample of fights to come. "An angel constructed goes to challenge wallstreet or london exchange, the demons of corporations, and should they fail, they are back in heaven requiring another instrament among men to be built, and the story of such a fight is told as what happened when they tried alone or together." The real story can be learned from, idenifying wepaons, methods or more... indicating to other men to learn how to find, understand, and fight. The demon of wallstreet, targeted schools and churches of our town... and the angels did...

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